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Benefits of Bully Sticks:Natural & Healthy Dog Snack

Bull or beef pizzle dog treats are becoming an ever popular alternative to mass marketed, prepackaged treats for dogs. Made from a steer penis, bully pizzles have some significant advantages to other treats, and dogs go nuts for them.


What is a bully stick?
Bully sticks have long held a soft spot in canine hearts with most pooches happy to spend hours chewing away at them, and given the excitement with which dogs react to bull pizzle treats, dog owners are only too happy to indulge their furry friends. Yet, a shocking number of pet parents and even veterinarians don’t know what goes into the making of these treats and just how healthy they are.
To add to the confusion, these products have been receiving a bit of bad press lately which is making dog owners sit up and take notice and rummage around for information on these chewy treats. So, here is everything you wanted to know about bull pizzle dog treats and if it is safe to get these for your pets.

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The nutritional value of bull pizzle!

Although bull pizzle treats are available from several brands, the typical nutritional value of these products is about the same. In terms of energy, this sticks are incredibly dense offering 9- 29 calories for every inch of meat. Yet, the good part is that almost 80% of the calorific intake comes from protein. This is what the figures look like:
• Protein crude: 80-85%
• Fat: 1-2%
• Fiber crude: 1% (max)
• Crude Ash: 2% max
• Calcium: 0.8%
• Phosphorous: 0.4%
• Moisture: 15%
This is undoubtedly a high protein and low fat treat; nonetheless, like with all goodies, moderation is the key to avoid the issues linked with over consumption such as diarrhea and vomiting

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What are bully sticks made of? The transformation of the prized pizzle!
Also known as beef stick, steer stick, bull pizzle, bully pizzle and beef pizzle, by any odd name, it is still 100% bull penis. This is the only ingredient in bully sticks. These treats are natural and safe and a rich source of both protein and taurine.
Bull pizzle along with other parts of the cattle that become dog treats are gathered from slaughterhouses all over the country and even overseas. Once brought to the manufacturing plant, the organ is removed and cleaned before it is hanged upside down, so that any traces of urine and semen flow out of it. Without these body fluids, the pizzle is an odorless piece of fibrous meat.
Before processing, the pizzle measures about 25 inches but it is stretched to allow for better drying. It is then dried through the use of industrial fans or smoked in commercial ovens. The result is a hard, almost bony stick which is actually just 100% natural meat. At this point, the pizzle is about 30-40 inches long and can be 2 to 4 inches in thickness. The hard brown stick is then cut into pieces of various sizes to suit different dog species.
As far as the braided versions go, for these, the bull pizzle is stretched more than normal and then the comparatively thinner sticks are braided together before they are dried or smoked.

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The history of the use of bull pizzle in dog treats!
About 100 years ago, butchers realized that the bits of meat and several parts of the skeleton left over after processing for human consumption need not be thrown away and found a ready market for these in pet owners. However, back then it was still about supplying a mince of the innards and other organs to people who wanted to pamper their furry friends.
With the advent of refrigeration technology, these leftover bits were given a longer shelf life as pet parents were willing to pay a premium for frozen bone and raw meat. Raw hide chews were among the first to make an appearance once manufacturers got their hands on industrial drying units.
As pet owners became increasing conscious of what they were feeding their pooches, these companies started experimenting with innovative ways of serving different bovine and pork parts, mixed together and even as single ingredients products. That is when they stumbled upon bull pizzle and its possible use as a chew treat and there has been no looking back for these treats ever since. Today, bull pizzle dog treats are among the most popular recreational canine products.

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Buy Only The Best Bully Sticks For Your Friend!
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Both you and your dog can now be satisfied with this decision.

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